Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When We Were Young

 I realized I haven't done a "strong" style in quite awhile, so here's one for today! I was inspired by this photo below of my fave Janelle Monae wearing all white and black suspenders. Isn't she crisp?

Leopard is getting his face squeeshed!

I also made a poufy top-hair just like Janelle! ;) Well... not as magnificent of course. This is the full extent of my Japanese straight hair. T.T I like my earrings because they are like sharp rock star daggers.

Glad you could join my arm party! Feat. my favorite treasure, my vintage British paratrooper wing-ring.

 And my terrifically neon yellow envelope clutch! I don't know why I'm Muscle Max in this pic... creepy. But I hope you like the bag.

I was about to fly away in this pic... either because of my sweet sneakers, or because of the 700 new mosquito bites that were in progress. Sorry it's blurry.

Shirt: Ross
Shorts: Old, I forgot where I got them.
Suspenders: Image
Sunnies & accessories: F21
Shoes: from a garage sale!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sing It Louder

Back to Gary Barlow song lyrics again. I'm not sure if there's anything nicer than driving with your windows down on a pleasant day singing with "Sing" with all your heart! That choir lifts the spirits in such a dramatic way.

Today's fash is a casual office look. I contrasted this very busy top with the plain black shorts and pastel bag, shoes, and earrings! The braided leather belt adds another unexpected touch of fun.

I'm still loving this Coach Bleecker Mini Riley that I got awhile ago. It's surprisingly large and so so sweet! I'm addicted to small crossbody bags.

I am rejoicing because NOW I CAN WEAR DANGLY EARRINGS! I ordered these resin hooks all the way from Japan because I simply COULD NOT find them on any English site in the whole world. The only ones I've found in English searches are tiny plastic ones. And even THEY make my ears hurt.

So, sometimes the ability to understand another language is immensely helpful. I typed my search in in Japanese, and there they were on Amazon.co.jp. (Still a bit hard to find!)

I guess I should have posted something more 4th-of-July-ish, or a fireworks-watching outfit, but I simply forgot about that. Uhuuuu, sorry! I hope it's this cool on the 4th. The weather is simply marvelous this year! Well done, Oklahoma.

Shirt: NY & Co
Shorts: Thrifted & altered
Bag: Coach
Belt: from an Arden B dress via Ross
Jewelry: Vintage & Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Flamingo

I'm back from a vacation to Las Vegas! It's always nice to have a time to relax, shop till you drop, spend time with relatives, and enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape.

These photos were taken at The Flamingo Hotel. I thought the setting matched my floral dress perfectly!

I don't usually go for these type of flowy maxis, but since the pattern was so kimono-like, I simply couldn't resist the pull on my heart.

I finally bid adieu to my trusty flats that I have been wearing for ages. They had seen their glory day in the hot sun and it was time for them to go. Instead, I picked up these fun jellies at DSW.

Dress, rings & bracelets: Forever 21
Sandals: DSW
Necklace: Image
Sunglasses: Cole Haan
Wristlet: from Rome, Italy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Maybe You

Today is a quiet, rainy Sunday. I've been seeing so many cute maxi looks lately so I'm giving this dress another try, even though it's not my usual style.

I'm in love with this Coach Gathered satchel that I got recently. Since it's so marvelously textured, I kept my dress and tank top simple.

This sweet little "J" necklace belongs to my mother. (I just decided to borrow it indefinitely... without really asking... oops. I'm sure it's ok...) She is a J too. Yay! I like to pair big chunky necklaces with something tiny and subtle.

Look who wanted to be featured on today's post! >.<

On another note, my stomach feels sick right now after reading some breaking tragic, disgusting news. I won't be one of those social media fakely-sad drama queens that spouts useless, cliched online condolences...because I am aware that I'll never truly know the real anguish that the families and department are feeling right now. I just have them in my thoughts and prayers like mad today, and someday I hope I could somehow do something to stop one of these incidents going down. 

Sorry, very somber and has nothing to do with fashion blogging... that's just what I'm thinking of today, especially since I will visit LV soon.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Upon the Greenest Grass They Laugh and Grow

Yes, every title for every one of my posts lately is from Gary Barlow's recent album because I am a Gary-loving fiend and I don't care! Waaaah! >.<

Anyway, my fash: this pretty green dress I got for FREE at Threadflip.com because I had enough site credit from referring friends. Isn't that brilliant?! It fit me perfectly. Huzzah! (I also got another purple polka-dot dress for free and it was supercute, but alas I couldn't fit into it. :'(

I talked before about pairing expensive items with non-expensive ones to get a fashionable look at a reasonable price. I'm doing it again today. This dress is originally from Target, but upon inspection the quality seemed pretty good (nice thick cloth, even stitching) so I deemed it worthy to pair with this new sweet Coach bag! Hopefully my entire look is cohesively sophisticated! ^_^;

Dress: Merona via Threadflip.com
Bag: Coach (buy mine here!)
Shoes: Dexter via Payless (similar one here for cheaper!)
Jewelry & sunglasses: Forever 21

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dream Look: Springtime Bags!

I never used to really care about handbags until I turned 30. Then, suddenly a switch flipped on in my brain. Now I'm a complete bag maniac! I think about them all day long and all night long (apparently, since it's currently 1:30 am! La!) This spring I'm just dreaming of pastel-y, pretty purses in all sorts of colors. Here are my current obsessions; how about yours?

The little apricot-y one at the bottom is a brand popular in Japan but rather unheard-of here, Samantha Thavasa. They are like Coach but girlier. You should peruse their website and scream with delight! It's so fun to browse.

Green Alley Katz Neon Pvc Shoulder Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. SOLD OUT! :'(
Fluo Mini Luggage Tote, Celine. Available from eBay
Mercer Isle Sloan Satchel, Kate Spade New York. Available from Neiman Marcus in tan, and maybe you can find the mint green one on eBay
Ribbon Motif Tote, Samantha Thavasa.
Bleecker Preston Satchel, Coach. Available here

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sharpen Your Arrows Now

Today was an unusually chilly day for spring, so I wore long pants and a jacket. I like the fit of these pants because they make one's legs look extremely long. This black jacket is also super versatile because you can wear it unzipped, zipped up all the way (very moto-looking,) or in place of a blazer. Yay!

The pretty floral shirt was a thrift store find! Can you believe it? With all these items, I paired a classic Coach Ashley light pink purse. I like the Ashley series because the shape is timeless. Plus I can fit a million things into this purse! Do you <3?

Next up are these fabulous springy-green earrings I found at this year's Lebanese Festival. They were vintage clip earrings but only $1, so I snatched them up. I then removed the clips with some fierce pliers moves and glued on my plastic hypo-allergenic earring posts.

If you're like me, perhaps you've been plagued lifelong by the problem of SEE-THROUGH WHITE PANTS. Maybe each time you find a pair you like in the store, you rush try them on in rapturous glee, thinking "Perhaps finally these are the ones!" Only to let out a disappointed groan when you discover that you'd have more coverage if you wrapped yourself in saran wrap. Yes yes, it's been the sad tale of my life thus far. 

However, finally I have found the cure! Behold:

All you have to do is get a pair of white opaque tights and chop off the feet. You can wear those as sort of a long underwear under your pants. No more see-through! (Keyword is opaque, friends.) Or better yet, if you find a pair of spandex white leggings, you can skip the snipping. All problems are now solved. Huzzah!

Shirt: Thrifted
Jacket: Fashion71.net
Pants: New York & Co.
Purse: Coach (buy it here for $165!)
Earrings: Vintage
Other jewelry: Forever 21
Shoes: Mossimo via Target

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tropical Punch!

Shirt: New York & Company
Pants: Forever 21
Bag: Coach (get it here for 43% off!)
Hat: Rue 21 (old)
Shoes: Nine West
Sunnies: Fendi
Necklace: Body Central (old)
Bracelets & rings: Forever 21

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dream Outfit: Office Look!

If you are a girl who has an office job, you have the entire world of fabulous professional looks open for action! That's very lucky! Here's my dream office look of the moment. These days, I am a fan of subtle, well-fitted, stately sophistication. I basically want to raid everything in Claire Underwood's (from House of Cards) closet.

Professional dresses can get lost in sameyzone sometimes, but the key is to find one that has an amazing cut or stylish little details like the gorgeous square collar in this dress below. The YSL Muse bag is one that I've been mesmerized with lately... another Claire Underwood item. (Hers is black.) *sigh*

Hope you like the sweet combo of these rose-earrings and rose-gold ring. And it never hurts to add some ferocity with back-seam tights, another obsession of mine!

Dress: NOOSHIN via Pinstripe & Pearls
Bag: Yves St. Laurent Muse in Ivory via eBay
Ring: Maria Black via Net-A-Porter
Nail Polish: Coney Island by OPI
Tights: Hue via barenecessities.com
Earrings: via Etsy
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo via Nordstrom

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Celebrity Weekend

I felt like today's outfit is like what celebrities wear on the weekend when they don't care, and then paparazzi photographs them to show what bags they carry or where they're meeting friends. >.<

My cool, bright fuchsia pullover with sweet cowl neck is a one-of-a-kind custom-made piece by fabric artist Laura Cook of Art Slave Designs. She hand-dyes the fabric herself... isn't that so cool? Check out her work at her Facebook page!

Top: Art Slave Designs
Shorts: Mossimo via Target (old.) Similar one here
Bag: Michael Kors via Threadflip
Shoes: Pinky via Amazon.com
Watch: Gruen via Kohl's
Bracelet: Forever 21 (old.) Similar one here
Airplane Ring: Image (old.) Shop their amazing and inexpensive rings here!