Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dream Outfit: Office Look!

If you are a girl who has an office job, you have the entire world of fabulous professional looks open for action! That's very lucky! Here's my dream office look of the moment. These days, I am a fan of subtle, well-fitted, stately sophistication. I basically want to raid everything in Claire Underwood's (from House of Cards) closet.

Professional dresses can get lost in sameyzone sometimes, but the key is to find one that has an amazing cut or stylish little details like the gorgeous square collar in this dress below. The YSL Muse bag is one that I've been mesmerized with lately... another Claire Underwood item. (Hers is black.) *sigh*

Hope you like the sweet combo of these rose-earrings and rose-gold ring. And it never hurts to add some ferocity with back-seam tights, another obsession of mine!

Dress: NOOSHIN via Pinstripe & Pearls
Bag: Yves St. Laurent Muse in Ivory via eBay
Ring: Maria Black via Net-A-Porter
Nail Polish: Coney Island by OPI
Tights: Hue via barenecessities.com
Earrings: via Etsy
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo via Nordstrom

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Celebrity Weekend

I felt like today's outfit is like what celebrities wear on the weekend when they don't care, and then paparazzi photographs them to show what bags they carry or where they're meeting friends. >.<

My cool, bright fuchsia pullover with sweet cowl neck is a one-of-a-kind custom-made piece by fabric artist Laura Cook of Art Slave Designs. She hand-dyes the fabric herself... isn't that so cool? Check out her work at her Facebook page!

Top: Art Slave Designs
Shorts: Mossimo via Target (old.) Similar one here
Bag: Michael Kors via Threadflip
Shoes: Pinky via Amazon.com
Watch: Gruen via Kohl's
Bracelet: Forever 21 (old.) Similar one here
Airplane Ring: Image (old.) Shop their amazing and inexpensive rings here!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dream Outfit: Ride-Along Look

Planning what to wear for ride-along days (the best days of the year) is harder than planning what to wear to tea with the Queen!

One's attire must be "professional-looking", yet comfy enough to sit all day in the car, stand outside in the sun, run, jump, or get under things... basically you must be one adventure-ready fierce lamb!

Of course my J-soul also presents the need to look stylish in all this. Can you see how difficult this is? I stay away from showy colors or crazy logos. For once my aim is not to stand out. I don't want to cause confusion or uncooperative behavior in possibly volatile situations.

In reality I wear inexpensive clothing that I don't mind getting dirty or ruining. But this is a dream outfit, so I picked whatever I wanted this time! Enjoy my very-particular-and-probably-useless-to-most-normal-people dream outfit! Wahahaha.

- Scarf: Checkered Scarf via Necklush
- Bracelet: Marc Jacobs
- Boots: Mix by Dr. Martens
- Shirt: Women's UA Tech Tactical T-shirt by Under Armor
- Pants: Sirrus Pant by 5.11 Tactical
- Slingpack: eBay
- Sunglasses: Ray-Ban via Nordstrom

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mint Ice Cream

It's finally Spring~ やっと!

Time for white and dreamy pastels.

I'm completely enthralled by this stunning Kate Spade bag I bought recently. Though it's an envelope-type shape, it's surprisingly roomy inside. My bag obsession has only just begun!

A friend gave these heels to me. It's just by luck that they match my new bag so well. Fabulouso!

Dress: En Focus Petite via Ross. Similar one here
Jacket: Forever 21 (old.) Similar one here
Purse: Kate Spade (You can buy it here!) In pink, too!
Shoes: Mossimo via Target (old.) Similar one from Heels.com here

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dream Outfit: Coral & Gold Springtime Dress!

I decided to make a collection of dream outfits, because who doesn't love to shop online and dream?

Since I am so SICK of the terrible cold weather, as I'm sure everyone is, today's dream outfit is a gorgeous spring look. I'm crazy about the pastel colors and especially coral. Do you LOVE my outfit? If you want to make it a reality, I've put all the purchase links below. Happy dreaming!

Dress: Bruncheon Dress via Modcloth
Bag: 2 Park Avenue Small Beau via Kate Spade New York
Coral bracelet: KJL by KENNETH JAY LANE Gold-Plated Coral Reef Cuffed Bracelet via JC Penney
Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples 55mm Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses via Nordstrom
Earrings: INC International Concepts Gold-Tone Coral Stone Teardrop Earrings via Macy's
Bangles: Michael Kors 'Modern Mix' Mixed Media Bangles via Nordstrom
Shoes: Luichiny Day Glow White, Gold, and Silver T-Strap Heels via Lulu's

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Chopped My Hair Off!

I'm no stranger to chopping off my hair, but this time I really am trying to let it grow. However sometimes you have to take one step backward and two forward because the growing-out stage is so extremely awkward!

Well, how do you like my middle-stage bob? I think it's nice and sweet and simple. I always have my hair done by the BEST person in Norman: Mike @ Behind the Scene. There's no reason why everyone in this entire region of the country shouldn't drive up to have him do your hair. His skill, enthusiasm, and understanding of current trends is a total treasure! Go and tell him I sent you. <3

Friday, March 14, 2014

Vintage Bumblebee

Happy Friday, everyone!

I am dead excited over my new items! Don't you just love my high-waist lace pants? I was super lucky this time when I went trolling thrift shops for vintage items. I almost screamed in the store when I found these... they are perfect, fit like a glove, are super duper comfy, and keep my shirts miraculously tucked in neatly. Triumph!

 These days I'm addicted to Threadflip. It's basically an online garage sale except that it features the most fabulous brands and fashionable clothing. You can sell your items and either withdraw the cash, or spend the credits in the store... which is what I like to do! The interface is clean, easy to use, and easy to figure out. It only takes like a minute to list an item for sale. Try it out! It might become your latest obsession! By the bye, that's how I scored this unbelievably cool giant Michael Kors duffle bag. I can fit my life into there. It's huge!

For everyone who likes to do vintage shopping, I found a great new shop in Norman yesterday. I can't remember what it's called, but it's in the strip mall right next to Big Lots. I had planned to pop in and ended up browsing for hours... there were quite a few unique treasures in there, and the store smelled like laundry detergent. :)

Shirt: Worthington via JC Penny
Pants: Vintage via Goodwill
Bag: Michael Kors via Threadflip
Shoes: Forever 21 (buy these for $27 here!)
Sunglasses: eBay
Belt: Wet Seal

Friday, February 28, 2014

Slate & Raspberry

Hi friends!
Today I'm wearing an edgy grey moto jacket with this eye-poppingly bright raspberry pink dress. If you want to know how I got such hot-pink cheeks, I'll tell you a secret: I just used my lipstick on my face! Really, if you think about it... it's just pigment. If it's fine for your lips, it's fine for your face. Stays on better than regular powder blush for sure.

I always get lots of compliments on these interesting leaf-patterened tights. They are also surprisingly warm in these late days of winter!

Huzzah! I can finally wear these big circle earrings because I changed the backings from metal to plastic. Apparently my ears could sense the metal even if I painted the wires with nail polish. Plastic, you are my rescuer! (Now if I could only find plastic hooks that aren't microscopic size... a harder feat than you'd think.)

Have a warm and safe weekend. Always be aware of who's around you. (Random closing advice... but there have been a spate of weird violent crimes in town lately.) Don't be a victim, my fabulous girls!

Jacket: Dollhouse (gift)
Dress: Forever 21
Clutch: From Rome, Italy
Shoes: Antonio Melani via Dillard's

Friday, February 21, 2014

Blues and Twos

Today is a parade of new items! I am so excited to show them to you. Since it's Friday and I have a lot of miscellaneous things to do, I opted for a sophisticated casual look for the day.

I went on a kind of wild shopping spree yesterday and picked out this most gorgeous Nine West satchel. It was such a perfect size and shape that I couldn't stop smiling in the store! Also, since I'm 30 years old now, I decided it was time to grow up and treat myself to a pair of real Fendi sunglasses. You can't imagine how much I love them. I'm on cloud 9!

I think a good way to do things if you're not rolling in the dough, but still want to look nice, is to pair expensive brand-name items with not-so-expensive items. For example, I made a $1 Jewelry Galore run and picked up this fabulous necklace. Paired with the other items, you'd never guess that it only cost $1!

And here is a $2 ring paired with a bracelet from Forever 21 and a skinny gold bracelet that was given to me by my aunt.

 My beautiful baby blue and polka-dots trenchcoat I bought in Harajuku, Tokyo. It was a rainy day, and I was getting soaked without appropriate attire. I couldn't believe my good luck when I came upon this beauty, so I snatched it right up and awkwardly changed into it out of my wet coat, right there in the store in front of everyone. Kind of shameful.

I'm sure you're dying over the ribbon-tie of the trenchcoat belt. I died too when I first saw in since the belt is often just a dangling nuisance. OK, I'll share with you my secret. Behold: the very Japanese way to make everything cute and adorable. You're welcome.

Trenchcoat: Tokyo, Japan.
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Mossimo via Target
Shoes: Steve Madden via Dillards (buy them for just $25!)
Bag: Nine West (buy it for just $69!)
Sunglasses: Fendi
Jewelry: $1 Jewelry Galore & Forever 21
Belt: Image. Almost identical (and cheaper) one here!

Friday, February 14, 2014

White Valentine

This Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something different than the usual red dress look. So, I opted for my fun and warm heart sweater, white pants, and a cream blazer!

 I know it may seem weird to wear slightly different shades of the same color on the top and bottom, but lately I've been inspired by Ashleigh over at fabulous fashion blog The Daileigh. Her color combos are so unexpected but amazing! She gave me the power to try out this look. Thank you Ashleigh!

I've been trying not to get an iPhone this entire time simply because I felt like I was doing fine without one, and didn't want to become addicted or feel like I had to have a certain gadget because everyone else does. However at some point the world moves ahead so much that there arise certain things you simply cannot do without a smartphone. I still didn't want to waste money buying a new one, but my dear E bought a damaged one on eBay, fixed it to perfection with his amazing skills, and gave it to me as a gift. Isn't that thoughtful?

I take the iPhone cover VERY seriously... I didn't want a run-of-the-mill one, so I specially designed one just to my taste and had it printed!

Time for a sad story, guys. These days my ears reject wearing any type of earrings. I had absolutely no sensitivity when I first got them pierced as a teenager, but one time I had got an ear infection, and then everything fell to shambles from there. I'm still trying to figure out what I can wear... even hypo-allergenic, nickel-free, and pure 24k gold earrings make them blister and bleed. I've tried painting them with nail polish, plastic posts...nothing.

However, time to make the best of things. Until I find a cure, I'll get my bling fix by wearing an ear cuff... isn't this the prettiest one? >.<

Here are my golden heels again. Though they are stunning, I've come to the conclusion that they're "sitting shoes." Right after this photo, I fell down spectacularly in the middle of the alley. Smooth going, J. T.T

I liked the lighting today... it feels like California-lighting, for some reason. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Shirt: Old Navy
Blazer: Forever 21 (old) Similar one here
Pants: Abbey Dawn via Kohl's. Similar one here
Heels: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Mossimo via Target
Watch: Precision by Gruen via Kohl's (old)